For Buhari Not To Dance Alone

In one of the towns in Ekiti, the people usually organize annual festival of thanksgiving.

In the beginning, the Oba led the train with pump and pageantry. He led subjects to dance round the town and the subjects must come out one after another as the train moves around. It was atmosphere of fun as banter and camaraderie were exchanged freely as folks joined the train one after another.

The thanksgiving dance had an awkward rule! The Oba can dance and sing, he must not look back throughout the duration of the dance. This awkward rule gave his subjects the opportunity to leave the dancing train at any point they like. At the end of the dance, only the thoroughly exhausted king and his drummers will say the last prayer. Every other subjects would have deserted.

A new Oba ascended the throne and observed the awkward rule must be amended. Now, the Oba will dance, wave his hands to tear the winds apart. He will dance forward and backwards reviewing the whole group. The drummers became highly charged and subjects find it difficult to leave the train untill the final prayer.

The lesson here is that leaders must learn how to make relationship simple. They must have constant revision of the situation and the people as well. Everyone must be carried along as much as possible.

I hope someone will pass this to my president, Mohammed Buhari that if he refuses to review his tactics, he will dance alone to the final point comes 2019.