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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tribute: Nobody Would; But God Gave Her A Chance

Nobody would have given her a chance but God did Himself.
Here is a female secular musician who can't even stand the smell of common cigarette, much more of smoking it and graduating into marijuana weeds.
Nobody, not even the church would have give her a chance to make a difference, but God did and what a difference she made.
Christy Essien Igbokwe sang 'give me a chance' 
I may not know the body of the lyrics of the song, not even the concluding phrase of the chorus, but I would rather compose my own version of 'give me a chance' as a prose.
Christy sings, I write.Image result for christy essien igbokwe and her husband images
And everyone has his proper gift from God, as Paul the Apostle opined in one of the biblical epistles.
Nobody gave her a chance, but God gave Christy a chance that you can be a female secular musician and be married to a single husband without adulterous relationships of jumping from bed to bed and ending up a serial divorcee.
Christy got married only once in her lifetime. And she submitted and subjected herself to the authority of that man, becoming an exceptional home maker by so doing.
Nobody gave her a chance, God did and she proved to the whole world that you can be a female artiste and still have a happy home.
Christy Essien Igbokwe did not sing to abuse a man today and tomorrow end up in the house of that same man again as his wife, singing the praises that same man to high heavens!
She got married to a single man, got four lovely children for that same man, not to four different men!
She sang 'give me a chance' and God gave it to her, to prove to the whole world that you can be a female secular musician as still get married as a virgin.Image result for christy essien igbokwe images
None would have given her such a chance but God gave Christy, that you can be a female musician without giving in to cravings of hard drinks be it gins or whiskey of any brand. Even to the point of drinking into uncontrollable stupors.
I had it on good authority that some musicians can not mount the stage until they are high with shots and bottles of these drinks, and 'washing' them down with wraps of weeds. Or do we say 'puffing' them down?
She lived a clean, decent and orderly life devoid of scandals or drugs, cocaine or heroin be it oral or injectibles.
In social outlook, she was never a maverick, creating oddities of idealogies and dressings that are anti establishment and make her society to cringe with embarrasment.
She may not agree with all the policies of the establishment but she has her own unique way of getting back at them to correct any ills, be it military or civilian. She believed in the principle of stooping to conquer. And she used this principle to conquer a whole General, even General Ibrahim Babangida into signing the offshore oil dichotomy into law!
A singular act that her state and many states in Niger Delta are benefitting from till date.
In her dressings, decency and order was the code. Even when she is on stage.
Nobody would have given her such a chance in this adulterous and perverse generation if not God. To prove to the world and set a record that you can be a female musician and live a clean, organised and orderly life of moral chastity and decency.
I believe Guinness book of records should take a look at these records Christy Essien Igbokwe set among not just Nigerian musicians but the entire world's female even male musicians.

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