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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Most Opposed President Ever

.Barack Obama is the most
opposed President in history, and
opposed by the very people who should be working with him. It is not because he is incapable, but in fact, the opposite. The very idea that a more than capable African American man can hold the most powerful position in the world threatens
the foundation the Republicans( who are in majority very conservative white men) have based their entire identity and existence upon. These positions of power are reserved exclusively for people like them.
In my opinion, this current situation is not about facts or about if legislation like the Affordable Care Act are beneficial to society.
This is about the fact that they
NEED Obama’s presidency to be
unsuccessful because one successful African American president will open the
door for more successful African
American presidents. That, for them, is terrifying. ”

–her James Baldwin-inspired truth about Republican’s goals for the Obama administration. They have been trying to punish those who voted for Obama since they gained back control of the House in
They have systematically tried to repeal women’s rights over governing our bodies, gerrymander counties to ensure that
women and minorities ‘don’t make the mistake’ of electing change-makers like Obama again; and made voting a burden in whatever ways they can. They want to punish us for actually trying to make our
lives and our country better. Anyone who cannot plainly see that their agenda has been to make Obama’s presidencies a failure so that they can warn against the dangers of
electing someone other than them, I don’t know what to say to you.
"Curled from katrinapavela's write up"

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