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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Bastard Called Karma

Hmmmmm, what goes around comes around.
On 26th August 1985, in the evening to be specific, at a time when Nigerians were celebrating the Muslim festival and enjoying the public holiday, a soldier named Major-General Badamasi Babangida (a.k.a IBB) was executing his plans of overthrowing the Nigerian Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari.
One of the soldiers who arrested Buhari at gunpoint was a soldier named Major SAMBO DASUKI!
After Buhari was arrested and his government toppled, IBB threw him into prison and handsomely rewarded Sambo Dasuki by making him his ADC (aide-de-camp) and had his father fraudulently made the Sultan of Sokoto.
Sambo Dasuki was one of the four Nigerian army Majors that arrested Buhari at gunpoint that day.
Others were Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, Lawan Gwadabe, Abdulmumuni Aminu...
Buhari was left to rot in jail for three years and this wrecked his family life so bad that it led to a divorce with Safinatu, his beloved wife upon his release.
During Buhari’s  detention also, his beloved mother died and he could not attend her funeral.
While Buhari was also in jail, Babangida sent soldiers to ransack and vandalize his residence, in the process destroying some of Buhari's most valuable credentials including Original Educational Certificates and valuables.
Thirty one  years after, the former Sultan of Sokoto, his Eminence Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki passes on and his son Col Sambo Dasuki is in detention on corruption and treason allegations.
Would  Col Sambo Dasuki  be allowed to attend his father's burial or the subsequent prayers?
Sambo Dasuki is at the mercy of one man at this trying time. That man you all know.
May we never be intoxicated by power. Amen.

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