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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Data Price Increase Stopped, What Next?

Me I don siddon look from politics, like Uncle Bola, my kinsman from same local government o.
But e be like say I wan begin campaign for our next governor in Oyo state come 2019.
This nan has promised every citizen of Oyo state both men and women plenty of biabia for their chins and upper lips, if dem elect  am governor. For those who are of age for biabia in Oyo State but whose chins are still òbòró like that Bukola Osuntola, embargo will placed on sale of shaving sticks to deter them from shaving and allow the evergreen forest to flourish.
And any who attempt to smuggle shaving sticks to Oyo State pénrén,.... wallehi, na Agodi prison im go land. And Chief Tunde Tantaho will be waiting for him there to teach him say na thick meat Hausas they call nama.
As for the men that are naturally òbòrós for chin and upper lips, special orders will be placed for bottles of methylated spirits to fertilise their chins and upper lips. And import waivers will granted to importers of methylated spirit in Oyo State.
Now that his attempt to increase data tariff as from tomorrow, December 1, been frustrated by the senate, let us see who fit stop am for Agodi come 2019. Make im begin to warm up and oil his political machine to occupy Agodi Government House, Ibadan.

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