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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gbadamosi Playing To The Gallery

And Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi Played To The Gallery.
Can somebody agree with me that Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi is a prophet of doom?
From the content of his interview on page 32 of yesterday's edition of Saturday Punch Newspapers, I strongly believe he is.
Am not a political apologist, trying to take a swipe at him for what he said against Buhari that he lacks economic clue. That to me is his and Buharis business. And I believe the Adesinas and Shehu Garbas of this world should take care of that. After all that is what they are being paid for.
But for him not to see any light at all, at the end of the dark tunnel for Nigeria, I strongly fell out with him. He must be one of my realist friends, who think at short wavelength NOT a visionary like my humble self, who think at long wavelength. Realists think at short range, visionaries think long range.
It was a topic I treated in a series of post at REDEMPTION PAGE and group, early this year. Gloomy pessimists versus hopeful incurable optimists.
Now back to the issue at hand; my take is, has Buhari appointed the Ikorodu chief his minister of finance, will he still talk the way he talked in that interview?
Of course, if he dare talk that way, the next thing his letter of resignation on the President's table on Monday. Or he gets boot. Or both, depending on which one hit it's target first, his resignation letter hitting the President's table, or the President's boot hitting his ass.
To make matters worst, at the tail end of that interview, Gbadamosi began to literally curse the present minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun!  Haba! Why for Pete's sake?
After initially flattering her as "a sweet young lady" the next thing the sparks began to fly. Sparks of negative statements, the kind that will make Biblical Zambalat and Tobiah in Nehemiah days green with envy. Sending the young girl a demoralising demonic message "but she is not going to get there" Not just once but twice he repeated it.
Now if Kemi Adeosun is his daughter, will he say that? Or will he say that to any of his daughters in any endeavour of life no matter how abysmal the situation is, be it business or academics?
Even if one is playing the role of opposition, belonging to a different political thought, can't one for a moment be a statesman?

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