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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Its like some are becoming uncomfortable with my commentaries, shares and posts on my wall these days. Some say its it too political. Some even called it a tribal...@#@#@...
But all my commentaries and shares on Bukola Saraki a fellow Yoruba tribal man was never seen as tribal @#&@... o.
Because a Yoruba man will not use BMW to steal money from Nigeria, and we will still honour him with a chieftaincy title and errect his billboards everywhere in ourland as Ada of 'Yoruba' land. Eni l'oju l'oju nti....we get conscience pass one another now.
If it is in another land Fata(I didn't say Tafa, o) Olopa Balogun, would have been spending his 2nd term in the Senate. Could you see how "tribalistic" we could be in Yoruba land.

Well, my major take and stake is Nigeria.
Got no other country. The 'Hutu power' hard line extremists in APC and PDP, I wish journey mercies on their road to Kigali.
Others was won visa lotteries and travelled out. I have never even attempted one, talk less of winning one. Meaning what? I have to stay in Nigeria.

Then if am going to stay in Nigeria, from my prayer altar to positive confessions and blessing those who meant well for this nation and invoking God's wrath on those who meant the opposite, I must by all means keep talking. Using every available medium. Let me then see the devil that will shut my mouth.
Because, I have got no other country except Nigeria.
So today again as at press time, here is my take again on Nigeria.
Please enjoy your meal.

"Nobody can spoil a car and give you to drive and all be expecting you to start driving it and even be speeding with it, right away.
Any who expects such must be a sort of a lunatic, maybe just discharged from Yaba apá òtún(from Oyingbo), who forgot to be taking his out patient drugs!

You've got to change the plugs, top the oil, maybe overhaul the engine itself before you can even start the engine!"

Okay, I could hear someone wailing there that why take the car from the man in the first place?
My answer is if you don't take the car from him, he will damage it beyond repairs. The best is to take it from him and PEPAIR IT FIRST, then start driving it!
Even a lunatic on the street of Lagos understands that.
That you repair a damaged car before you begin to drive it. And that may take time.
Or is another man wailing the car is not damaged by the first driver?
The evidence is even glaring to a carpenter not even a mechanic. Black smoke emitting from a noisy silencer, millions of American dollars in soakaway pits, etc. are enough evidences.
This one no be APC or PDP matter o.
I am speaking of my country Nigeria. Where I am not an half caste or dual citizen. Got only one international passport - Nigerian Passport. By Soji Omole

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