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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Nigerians, I congratulate you all, and I congratulate myself.
For what?
For the masterstroke Buhari and his team dealt with US and their Western nations acolytes, to crash the US dollars, by signing a currency deal with China. Whereby Nigerians can purchase goods direct in China currency and essence reduce demand by 70%, and the law of supply and demand do the rest of the job on the dollar. Instead of devaluing the naira.

Now let all be vigilant please and please!
Let there be no sudden surreptitious 'Courtesy calls' by any western nation ambassadors to the outgoing Senate President. If any notices it, let them mobilise and barricade their exit route from The National Assembly, until they confess what they have gone to discuss with Bukky.
Do I hear someone calling that impunity? It takes impunity to deal with impunity, o. 'were ni won fi nwo were, o'

Let also security be more tightened around both the President and the vice President. Let not both travel together on air or road. Let not both of them attend the same functions together again.
Because if the president and the vice is gone, who takes over? I simply hate to think of the answer.......
Or does someone take that as negative thinking? Nope. It is proactive thinking.
The answer is: Never ever underrate your enemies. We are dealing with desperadoes, who will go any length to do just anything, including causing power outage at the CCT trial!

Be it so, you can't just but be proactive in your thinking and actions.
And negative and proactive thinking and action are just a thin thread apart.
And damning who takes offence again, among us, especially blindfolded followers, it is this OVER confident APC lacks! Very careless to be moderate, in our assessments here.
They take things including their opponents lackadaisically.
More of crowd gathering and sloganeering than strategising. And when the hens come home to roost, they resort to fire brigade methods.
For example the Senate scenario.....
Something they would have nipped in bud right from day 1.
Does anything stops them from secretly monitoring Saraki's movement unto the day of Senate inauguration, and after? And the moment signals come that Saraki is on his way to the Senate Chambers, they charter a bus, pack themselves inside and give him a hot chase there?
But the mumus headed to the International Conference Centre and the rest is history!
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