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Thursday, March 24, 2016


Only in The State of Osun can you see these kind of non tertiary institution school buildings and they are all Model educational facilities for the State of Osun Pupils. Even a pacesetter model for

Go to other States, you will not see such. But instead of critics and opposition to accept the good works, they will rather say it is UBEC Projects! But why are they in Osun only and nothing of such in Other States? Or UBEC is only meant for State of Osun? What of other states with super mega petro naira allocations? Anything to show for it? I wonder if there is any.
Even at that, be it UBEC or what have you, we have it on good authority, that it is a counterpart funding system. A fifty/fifty responsibility by both partners, state and federal. How come other states did not stick out their necks but only Osun and maybe some few others?
With the cash crunch bedeviling the State of Osun, all can only hope and take solace in the fact that 'tough times never lasts but tough people do!' There must certainly be light at end of the dark tunnel. Or if we are to run, to where do we run to? And if all should run, to where would the governor run to?
Do I hear someone say we have been settled? Nope.
There is even no excess cash on ground in the State of Osun for such, as at now.
We are here to report what we saw. No sentiments. No semantics. No blind political hostilities nor loyalty. Our State, her development and upliftment and her people's welfare, take precedence above primordial political idiosyncracies. Be it to the right or left.
If there is any who has his reservations about the State's current leadership, it is the administrator of this blog. Both on personal and hardline principle based issues.
But that won't stop him from celebrating the good things happening in his state and more that is still on the way.
Objectivity is and has always been his trade mark on political issues and governance. If you do it well, he celebrates and praises you to high heavens. And if otherwise....God help you on that day. No hold barred! Even if you and him came from the same womb?
He is too realistic to be fanatical. Be it to the left or right extremes! Hes got no taste for political fantasy but reality.

Soldiers go, soldiers come but barracks remain. Governors come, governors go but our beloved State of Osun and whatever infrastructure they put in place remains.
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