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Thursday, February 18, 2016


This fourteen year old boy was shot six times by his stepfather some months ago. The boy's offence was none other than protecting his little 6 year old sister who was about to be raped by this wretched sexual pervert and morally bankrupt stepfather. 
The little girl did not get hurt, thanks to this her brave older brother who made sure the beast of no nation did not have his way. But not without six gunshot wounds to show for his uncommon bravery.
Their mom was at work when this happened . Now this brave young little boy of fourteen is fighting for his life. Because doctors say he will not survive unless he gets an operation which is costly and which his mom cannot pay . All face book companies agreed to donate 45 cents for every time someone likes, comments and posts the to their wall. But nothing was heard of the outcome of efforts to save the live of this brave black boy since.
Did this boy survived this grevious ordeal or not. And could it be that we lost track of this story. Or could some powers that be and lobbysts buried this story.
Or could it be because this boy was black or and the stepfather a white man? 
Or how come a story like this not rock the world, like that of Damilola Taylor. Or could it be that Damilola never lived to tell the story? And how are we sure this boy ever lived to tell his?
Or because that of Damilola took place in Britain and this one in America where blacks are called niggers?

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