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Monday, February 29, 2016


"Maj Gen B. A. Idiagbon
... I remember in Saudi Arabia (1985) you were offered a Mansion to stay in for the rest of your life, you politely turned it down. You insisted on returning to Nigeria for two reasons...
1... So that your family will remain proud when they walk the streets that their father isn't a coward!
2... That it would be a honour for you to die beside your boss Maj Gen Buhari who had saved your life during the civil war.
It doesn't matter what people say about you, good or bad you remain my hero, it's been 12 years Sir!"
A tribute by none other but his own son, Kunle Idiagbon.
Our take @ Soji Graphics: Cowards die many times before their time to die, but the bold and the brave dies only once. General Tunde Idiagbon, you died only once. But those cowards have died several times and are still dying. And God alone knows how many more times they will still die and keep dying till they finally die.
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