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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Before we blog another African Experience by celebrating another of our own for her brilliance and bravery on the cockpit, let us share this caveat with visitors to this blog.
Just as African Independent Television is out to be:
"....sharing African Experience...."
Soji Graphics major mission is not to only share but to be "....Blogging And Celebrating African Experience...."
But we would rather make a difference. By being NON partisan in all our dealings with any opinions or leaders of thought.
We will maintain a hardline principle of fair hearing to all.
Meaning what?
Whatever we publish may NOT necessarily be our opinion. But rather we are giving the other party the privilege of fair hearing.
On religious axis, we remain secular, though the administrator of this blog is a committed Christian believer.
Politically we remain neutral and non partisan; but rather stand by what is right, true and just.
We would not have fellowship with any unrighteous works of darkness but rather expose and reprove them. As The Bible, God's Word commanded.
But when it comes to that which true, just and honest, virtuous, lovely and of good reports, we will celebrate and promote it to high heavens. Especially when it relates to Africa and Africans. Both home and in diaspora.
Now let us celebrate one of our own in Africa........
Let's celebrate and thank God for our Female Captain Abimbola Jayeola, who was the Captain on the Bristow Chopper that ditched in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday.
I have heard the word "ditching" before. But I have always relate it to ditching political parties, girlfriends or a business partner. I never heard of in terms of Aeronoutics and Aviation. But a split second's decision from Abimbola who 'ditched' a Chopper on the high sea saved the lives of 13 people. Thereby averting untold pains and sorrows on several families linked to them.
Kudos to you Captain. God will continue to protect you as you take to the skies daily. Stay safe!

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