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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Adolf Hitler, that German Holocaust perpetrator, had genital abnormalities according to historical and medical records released recently.

His doctor, Theodor Morell, left detailed secret files that revealed he had a deformed micro-penis and only one ball. History records also reveal that he found sexual activity disgusting and that he never had normal sexual relationships with women.

Its therefore right to conclude that, his maniacal, lunatic raving atrocities he initiated had its origin on his small-d problem. He needed to compensate for his penile weaknesses by faxing six million Jews to the graveyards.

His massive self-loathing and uncontrollable fits of insane rage was a response to his sexual short-comings.

In the biological theory of criminal behaviour, Cesare Lombroso concluded that the physical shape of the head and face determined the "born criminal". And as we stretch our sociological imaginations, we are right to conclude that the messed up wee wee and abnormal shape of the junk has created despots from Adolf Hitler to Saddam Hussein and our own RAILA ODINGA.

In the light of this new Hitler's medical records and its relations to his despotic tendencies and killing addictions, We demand that RAILA releases all his medical records for public scrutiny. He can be assured that we are not going to laugh about it, but this will help us understand his lunatic politics of bloodshed and genocidal reasoning.

In 2017, if Raila unleashes his local version of Rwandan interahamwe, to kill Kenyans as he and his minions have

insinuated in more than one occasion - so that he can rule, be assured his madness has its origin in his crashed balls.
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